Top 10 key factors to be the most successful in life

There is huge difference between a successful person and the most successful person. I can consider myself as a successful one. But there is no need to mention that Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, etc... are some of the most successful persons in the world. During my life long journey, I have learned many things from others and from myself as well. According to my experience and observations I have come up with 10 key factors which make the person most successful in the life which I would like to share.

Self Improvement Mechanism

Doing mistake is not a mistake. Doing the same mistake again and again is the biggest mistake. Everyone does mistakes. But smart people have always a sharp sense to recognize the pattern of their mistakes. Once they recognize the pattern they never repeat it. This way they keep improving themselves and keep reducing their number of mistakes. So theoretically the person doing less mistakes will move faster towards the success. It is very obvious that no one has a pre-idea that he/she is going to do a mistake. So after his or her first occurrence they realize that they just missed something & they have done something wrong. Sometimes we realize our mistakes after repeating it few times. It depends on the complexity of a mistake and how alert we are. But after realization, if we continue to do so then that is the biggest mistake of our life. One should always be alert to identify his/her pattern of mistakes and should take steps accordingly to prevent the repetition.

Focus on Basics

Solid foundation is essential to anything. If your foundation is not strong enough then you cannot move forward. If you still move forward you will face a dead end & you will have to return back to solidify yourself i.e. your foundation. To strengthen your basics, you have to first find the basics of your field. Finding basics is also a tough task if you are a beginner. Once you find yours, you have to work on those points to make them strong enough. It has been observed that people generally avoid spending much time on basics just because they think that time is more important than basics. If you do so then I can assure you that you will take more time to succeed in your goal than the time which you take for you success after spending enough time for your basics. So don’t stay in hurry for moving forward. Take a deep breath, have a faith & focus on the basics first.

Relying more on self efforts rather than luck

There is no need to say that self efforts are the efforts made by us and luck is a result of sequence of some random events which may be in favor of us or against us. We generally face two types of persons in our day to day life one that believes in self efforts and the other that believes in luck. Wise man always believes in self efforts. They do not wait for the opportunity to come. If they do not find the one then they do not wait, they just start their efforts to create it. The other type who believes in luck waits for the opportunity to come. If they do not find opportunities for certain period of time then they start doubting their goals, gradually they lose courage and plan some other goals. This way if you keep changing your goals then at the end you will never reach your any single goal. You have to stick to your goals no matter how hard the way is. We all know that there is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs. If the way is hard we should change our approach not the goal. We cannot change the luck but we can force the luck to change by introducing various good qualities within ourselves like honesty, staying away from wrong doings, etc... We should let the luck be an additional advantage if it is in favor of us or challenge if it is against us but we should not fully depend on it. Self efforts are the only actions that lead us to our goals continuously & consistently.

Vision for long term game

Vision means a thought or a concept formed by the imagination. Whenever we are asked about the vision of our life then our answer is very clear that we want peaceful, colorful, joyful and successful life. I have met many people in my life and when we have a talk about their vision most of them mention the same one “Earning Money & Becoming Rich”. Even I was also having the same vision. But when I start reading about the successful people, I came to know about a fact that financial profit should not be the main vision. It should always be the by-product. Our vision should be helpful to others and making their living standard better by introducing new concepts and their implementations.

Let’s suppose for a moment that we have achieved our above mentioned life then what will we do? Would we stop living? The answer is very clear “NO”. We will try to accomplish more and more by following the way we have followed so far and apply more efforts efficiently and creatively. So here we have very clear vision for our life. Now consider Mark. After the huge success of Facebook, Is he lost enjoying his life & not working for his vision? The answer is very clear here too i.e. "NO". He is still working on his vision with more force. The same way, we should have a very clear vision what we want to accomplish in our life and how we can be more helpful to others by achieving that vision.

Suppose that we are successful in achieving our vision up to certain level. This success can be either useful or dangerous depending upon how we deal with such a success. If the early stage success is not dealt with proper attention and care then it may become the main reason for failure. This is because people start enjoying the success and pays less attention to their vision. So it is very necessary to look at the bigger picture rather than the part of it and be the long term player.

Execute your plan and look always forward

Vision can be treated as a very bigger plan. If you look at any bigger plan entirely you will always find it difficult to accomplish. Rather we should always divide the bigger plan into number of smaller plans. This process should be repeated until we arrive at a practical plan chart. Once the plan chart is ready execution should be started. Execution of a plan can never be so smooth. You will always find some hurdles which you need to tackle somehow. This execution really tests your passion. If you lose your hope and passion you will never be able to make it possible. Sometimes there will be a chance where you will doubt yourself, your ability and you will find the plan as an ideal rather than actual plan. So no matter how bigger a problem you face during the execution you have to always look forward to accomplish your goal anyhow. If you start looking backward then it will be the starting point for your failure.

Work with a healthy team and not alone

There is famous saying about the teamwork: “If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go with a team”. Here healthy means smart & professional. Instead of being a philosophical let’s focus on just a single example. Suppose that you have to transfer 1000 kg heavy item by 100 meters. Will you be able to do that alone? No this is because it’s beyond human capacity. But if we have a team then we can transfer the item effectively. Even if we use weight lifting machines then also you will need at least two persons. The same way, our vision is a very heavy goal which cannot be handled by a single person unless you are a superman. Building a team is not a tough task but building a healthy team is a tough task. If you look from the finance point of view then you may find that healthy team cost more. But if you look at the overall performance of the team then healthy team will always be the cost effective one.

Find your inspiration, refreshments & provide quality time

When you go for a long drive, you must have something which keeps you awake constantly. If you close your eyes by chance for a moment then there is a chance for a deadly accident. The same way, vision is long way journey where you will find some rough ways along with some smooth ways. But all the way you need to stay awake. If you nap for a while then also chances for failure go high. Here staying awake means to keep your battery charged and keep following your vision. Inspiration plays very important role to charge your battery. We get inspired from various sources like book reading, motivational videos & movies, music, etc… You need to find your own source of inspiration.

When you want to give a healthy fight you must be fresh, sharp & concentrated. When we work constantly on something, our work efficiency goes down. In order to maintain our efficiency level & to stay fresh, we need a break from our day to day routine life. Only by staying refreshed, we can provide quality time to our work & can move fast. Our hobbies play very important roles as refreshments. Everyone has his/her area of interest. If one doesn’t have any then one should find one.

Fear of failure & Positive Attitude

Fear of failure is good up to certain level. It keeps us on track & active. But beyond that level it may be dangerous. Suppose that we are having fishing business. It’s a fear of loss that keeps us working every day. If we fear from seasonal factors like storms and we do not go for fishing then it can be dangerous for our business. Failure is a part of life and we all must have a positive attitude about it. It’s a positive attitude which allows us to treat the failure as a new beginning rather than end. Mostly everything in the world is having both sides positive & negative. It’s our attitude which lets us see the corresponding side. Positivity lets us consider night as a beginning of a new day where as negativity forces us to consider night as a one day reduction from our life.

Accept that life is full of struggle

Life is like a huge building having unlimited number of floors. We consider climbing stairs as a struggle initially. But when we reach nearer to the floor we feel that we are nearer to the comfort zone. When we arrive at a floor, we enjoy reaching the floor initially. After having enough rest over there we again start looking at the other floor and we start feeling our current situation as a struggling one. We repeat the same thing again and again. Life is full of ups & downs. It’s the up direction which lets us to have a rest and makes us ready for the next down direction. But the ups and downs repeat continuously till the end of our life. This is an obvious fact which we should accept at the earliest possible and develop our attitude accordingly.

Stay up-to-date with time & be consistent

If we consider humans, population is in billions. Everyone is trying to make the life style better. As a result of everyone’s efforts, life is becoming easier at each next moment. So we should always keep finding new things or concepts which can be beneficial for us in all aspects. Staying up to date with time and having a consistency benefit us in every aspect of our life.